Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform. The Shopify+ (or Shopify advanced) is an add-on, so it’s still Shopify but with added options to suit developers’ needs.

Shopify specialises in building and managing ecommerce websites, it doesn’t have as many features as Shopify + but it does the job of running your business efficiently. Building on Shopify will save you money compared to developing custom code for every element; Shopify isn’t that customisable so if you want something specific then Shopify + allows for that flexibility without breaking open the bank account!

Shopify has few limitations which depend on how you want your store to be customised:

1. If you don’t have coding skills Shopify is for you

2. If you want to make quick changes Shopify+ is for you (such as a product page) Shopify has more limitations

3. If you want/need custom code Shopify+ is for you (ie: If your store needs dynamic data on the homepage like latest comments or tags etc.)

Shopify and Shopify + both have their advantages, Shopify + allows a developer to build with greater flexibility – which may be necessary depending on your business’ features and functions required by its customers. Shopify lacks in several areas – most of which can be overcome by hiring a Shopify expert development team that specialises in Shopify development!

Our Shopify developers are experts in Shopify development and can customise Shopify to your business’ needs with Shopify +. Shopify + requires Shopify pro which comes with an additional fee – Shopify has a free plan which is perfect for small businesses!

Shopify experts are capable Shopify developers who can help your business to achieve success on Shopify. Our Shopify development experts have years of experience delivering Shopify projects and happy clients. Shopify development is not a one-size-fits-all; so if you want something specific then Shopify+ is the platform that will deliver it.

Every drop counts when developing website and by choosing Shopify +, your store will surely benefit from a custom built design that will bring in more customers. So what are you waiting for? Contact our Shopify developers now and find the solution you’ve been waiting for.